The Préville Fine Arts Centre Now Comes to You With Préville Online!

Music, dance, art, robotics, chess and more! It’s more than a class; it’s a community! Classes start January 11th, 2021.

In a few short weeks, we’ll open our doors and welcome learners of all ages, into our new virtual school. Préville Online! begins with a seven-week Winter session offering classes with renowned artists and teachers, such as choreographer, Jera Wolfe (Red Sky Performance), Mixart Studios’ Boris Petrowski,  Juno Award-Winner, Solon McDade, and with our partners, Chess ‘n Math and Robot in a Can.

Préville Online! is Préville Fine Arts Centre’s platform for exceptional online classes in Music, Dance, Art, Coding, Cooking, Tutoring, Activities for People with Special Needs and MORE. We offer live classes designed specifically for online learning. When students step into our virtual school, they have secure access to our classrooms and communal spaces, like the lobby, library and games room, where they can chat, relax and collaborate. Our platform is easy to use, interactive and fun! Préville Online! classes are bilingual and are taught by our passionate, professional instructors.

Are you looking for a particular class not offered in your area? Or are you homeschooling and looking for extra resources, or simply prefer to take your classes from home? Join us today!


Music is our specialty at Préville, and while private instrumental lessons continue, using our hybrid teaching model, for Préville Online! we’ve imagined a brand new style of music classes that use our online platform to its fullest. Music Explorations classes are an excellent way for musicians of all ages and levels to unlock or unblock their creative potential. Karen Natho, from Parawell Play will be teaching Music & Movement for Kids with Autism. Back by popular demand from this summer is Boris Petrowski teaching Mixart Studios: Online Music Production and Software! Boris has a long list of acts he’s worked with such as Sam Roberts, Lara Fabian and a little band called U2! Préville Online! rounds out its music programme with Little Artists (art and music for children aged 3-7 years), and tops it off with Solon McDade, who will host Préville’s Musical Meet Up for All Ages! No matter your age or level of experience, Préville Online! has you in mind.

What’s Your Interest?

Préville Online! wants to stoke your creative fire in the cold months to come. Learn a new skill in community with others! Learn to paint! Sew yourself some comfy pjs, or get moving in one of our exercise classes. Préville Online! boasts an expanded tutoring programme, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our fun and smart tutors who are ready to give students the support they need, at any level and in any subject. Dancers will be able to join choreographer and performer, Jera Wolfe , who will be teaching all the way from Alberta, and people of all ages can join the wave of chess enthusiasts everywhere in a class led by chess champion instructors from our partners at Chess ‘n Math. Our favourite tech team at Robot in a Can has new classes on tap, including Introduction to Technology for Seniors, and, young adults with special needs will be able to live out loud (LOL) in a meet and greet activity programme. Whatever your pleasure for leisure or study, Préville has these and many more classes to explore and enjoy in a cosy, small-group setting.

One Click and You’re in!

We’re all missing the warmth of gathering together in community. Préville Online! was conceived out of our desire to support our arts family, by providing uninterrupted access to everyone’s favourite classes and teachers. There are no links necessary to get to class–one click and you’ll find yourself in our lobby, where you can access all of our classrooms, each personalized with shareable apps and features to suit teachers’ needs. Class sizes will be kept small because we’ve learned over the past year that that’s how students connect with their teachers and classmates best. Excellent sound quality and new, embedded recording technology are just a few of the extra bonuses that come with our custom-built online learning platform.

Many of our classes include activity kits that are delivered to your door; others feature equipment loans, and in the case of Mixart Studios’ class, a possible visit to a live recording studio!

Préville is committed to providing the best possible classes at the lowest possible cost. As such, we are proud to put our Belva Thomas Bursary front and centre–applications can be made directly from our website! Préville Online! is available to people from all locations and time zones, so take a class with friends or family who are far away! Our new online school brings our amazing teachers right home to you. Come join us today!