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About préville

Come join us on Arts Saturday. Let’s bring the arts to life!

The Préville Fine Arts Centre is a non-profit music and arts school founded in 1974 by Belva Thomas. In a bilingual setting, we offer music and arts education to enrich the lives of families, children and learners of all ages and from a rich mosaic of backgrounds.

Our unique program on Saturdays enables family members to participate in a large variety of courses at the same time in our central location, Collège Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, in Longueuil. Weekday music lessons are also offered.

Our Centre is overseen by a Board of Directors and Director General Veronica Thomas. We are committed to offering accessible, affordable and quality instruction.

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The Préville Art Center’s mission is to offer programs in the field of music (its main activity) and the fine arts, with the aim of involving young people and their families in the cultural richness of the arts.

The Board of Directors is made up of dynamic members with backgrounds in the fields of arts and non-profit organizations. Our managing team, with their many contacts in the world of the arts, knows how to build a team of visionaries, artists, and art-lovers with the same vision and passion for arts education. Each year, more than 50 talented teachers accompany more than 750 children and adults of all ages. This extended team is supported by more than 89 dedicated volunteers.

pay equity act

The Préville Fine Arts Centre complies with the Pay Equity Act