CAmp FAQ & Technical Troubleshooting

Below are some of the most commonly asked camp questions as well as solutions to some possible technical difficulties. If you are unable to connect to your class, please contact us! We will be available to help.

Note: Online classes are only accessible during camp hours (8am-4pm). We recommend using Chrome for your web browser and a desktop or laptop instead of mobile devices when possible. Please try to connect 10 minutes before your class starts.

FAQs and Technical Troubleshooting

We strongly recommend you use Google Chrome as your browser for the online summer camp. Our platform is optimized for Chrome.

To access the online platform: 

• Click on the link
• When prompted enter the password sent to you by email.
• This password will give you access to the online platform, the lobby, your class, the technical support room, etc.
• You will automatically be in the Main Hall – Lobby room.
• Your camera and microphone will be on, unless it was automatically denied by your computer.
• From here, you will be able to access your class by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left corner of the window.
• Click on these horizontal lines and you will see all the classes offered by the Préville Fine Arts Center.
• Click and select your class, you will be prompted to enter another password specifically set for your class. 
• You can find this specific password in the e-mail sent by your teacher prior to class.
• If you have any issues please contact us, we are here to help!
    • Try reducing your video quality on Jitsi by using Ctrl + A (“command + A” on mac) ’ on your keyboard
    • Reduce video quality to ‘Low definition.’
    • If this is still not enough you can also turn off your video.
    • Finally choosing ‘Low bandwidth’ mode in video quality will improve audio but hide the video of your teacher/classmates – thus not the ideal option.
  • Note: Some connection issues are temporary and can simply be solved by refreshing the page or closing/reopening your browser.
  • Close any background videos, games or applications to speed up your internet.
  • Choose a workspace closer to your router.
  • Consider extending an ethernet cable to your device.

Because our platform has been personalized to fit our needs, many components aren’t available on mobile devices or tablets. For this reason, we recommend that the best set-up is with a computer (desktop or laptop) and a microphone or a headset to be able to clearly hear the teacher and have an optimal experience.

Classes are held on our new and personalized platform. See “How do I log in to the online platform,” above, to learn how to connect to the platform. You are also welcome to contact us if you need any help.

All classes are held live and lead by a teacher who will be available during class to answer questions and interact with the campers. If you need to speak to someone outside of class hours, please e-mail or call the camp director (450-671-2810).

Yes! Our camp manager is available at all times during camp hours to answer any questions by phone or by e-mail. We also have technical support available for troubleshooting difficulties that can arise with an online camp.

We recommend you use Google Chrome as our platform is best optimized for this browser.

Please send an e-mail or call the camp director (450-671-2810) if you are unable to attend class so we may advise the teacher. If you wish to discontinue a class, please also contact the camp director. Note: there are no refunds once a class has started.