Préville Online!
Special Needs Program

We are excited to offer new classes for kids and young adults with special needs, as part of our Préville Online! program. Renowned special needs advocate, Karen Natho, and our Director of Dance, Jamie Malysh, will be facilitating these activities. Groups will be kept small to ensure maximum engagement and fun!

Class times are Canadian Eastern Timezone (ET).

Online Classes for Kids and Young Adults with Special Needs - Winter 2021

This exciting new class is designed for a small group (max. 8) of preschool-aged children with Autism (diagnosed and non-diagnosed). The class will incorporate music and basic movement activities with the goal of supporting leisure interests, social interaction, attention skills, knowledge development and communication.

Instruction will be given at a comfortable pace using gestures, visuals, changes in tone, props and instruments–making the class fun, engaging and easy to follow. To develop communication skills, participants will be encouraged to take an active part; to foster predictability, comfort and ease, songs will be repeated and will stay consistent from week to week; and, to allow for participants to process information and take as active a role as possible, frequent pauses will be built in to the session.

The class will be led by renowned special needs advocate and teacher, Karen Natho of ParaWell Play. Participants will receive a supplies kit prior to the start of the session.

Note: Parent / Caregiver participation required.

AGE GROUP: 3-6 years
DAY & TIME: Saturday 9am-9:45am
PLACE: On our Préville Online! platform
TEACHER: Karen Natho

Living Out Loud is a small group class (8 max.) for young adults with special needs (intellectual disabilities, autism & chronic health). Together, participants will learn new skills based around movement and creativity in various activities involving music, singing and fitness. Activities such as drumming, yoga, choir and dance, will encourage active lifestyles and easily facilitated into the home environment. Participants will develop skills around being in a group, such as turn taking, sharing and listening to others. Various ways to communicate will be encouraged, including using visuals, instruments, the voice, body movements and sound. The class will be led by renowned special needs advocate and teacher, Karen Natho of ParaWell Play.

Each class will follow a weekly routine which will include :
Welcome Song / Introductions
Joke of the Day
Activity 1 – 15 minutes
Sharing Time
Activity 2 – 15 minutes
What’s on Next Week?
Transition out of video platform

Note: Caregiver assistance may be required for technical and participation support.

GROUP: 16 years +
DAY & TIME: Wednesdays 7pm-8pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Karen Natho

This online, group class for young adults with special needs (intellectual disabilities, autism & chronic health) will focus on the basics of rhythm and creative movement. Using simple patterns, sequencing, and repetition, students will work on motor skills, while building confidence and experiencing the joy that dance can bring.

Taught LIVE by Préville Dance Academy Director, Jamie Malysh, this class will accommodate up to maximum of 8 participants, in order to foster maximum participation and engagement. 

GROUP: 18 years +
DAY & TIME: Thursdays 5:45pm-6:30pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Jamie Malysh