Préville in Schools

Bring the arts to your school and classroom with cultural workshops or a session of recurring classes! Benefit from the expertise of the Préville Fine Arts Centre’s instructors, with ready-made or custom experiences designed to enhance your school’s cultural, STEAM and arts programs.

LIVE online, interactive workshops delivered straight to your classroom. All you need is a smart board (or equivalent) with internet access. Workshops are available  during school hours. Designed for primary and secondary students. In-person workshops may be possible.

Workshop cost: $180 (1 instructor); $200 (2 instructors)
Workshop length: 50 minutes

Below is a list of workshops we currently offer. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us to see how we can suit your needs.

Instructors: Paulina Posadas and Adam Asselin-Rioux

Join six-time World Champion Salsa Dancer, Paulina Posadas and her partner,  ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ contestant, Adam Asselin-Rioux as they introduce your students to the world of latin dancing!  

This non-contact dance class will take the students through the basics of latin dancing and be sure to have them moving in no time while also educating them on latin culture. 

Instructor: Adam Asselin-Rioux

So You Think You Can Dance’ contestant, and multi-style instructor, Adam Asselin-Rioux, will school you in the world of hip hop and break dance!  

Students will learn basic break and b-boy/girl moves and they can then finish the class off with an old school dance battle! A great way to get your students to interact from a distance.

Instructor: Lésouta Luc Bambara

Lésouta Luc Bambara has been sharing his culture and his passion for drumming and dancing in schools throughout Québec for over a decade. 

In this workshop Luc will give participants a taste of culture from Burkina Faso, through a fun and energetic introduction to traditional African drumming and dancing.

Instructor: Sylvain Grenier

Sylvain Grenier is a percussion performer and creator. He has been giving workshops stemming from his show Concept for Recycling and the Art of Percussion (SCRAP) since 2021, all over Canada. 

Give your students the opportunity to meet the musician-designer of the CréaSon show! Participants will benefit from the experience of this “reinvented percussion” specialist, while making a musical-environmental effort.

Instructor: Alison Notkin

Alison Notkin is a performer and composer whose work has been featured on many albums, including the Juno-winning album, “Bloom.” Her nature-inspired music program, Music by the Season has reached hundreds people of all ages throughout Montreal.

People love listening to songs, but what does it take to create one yourself?  Musicologist and songwriter Alison Notkin demystifies the art of songwriting and coaches the group through the creation of their own personalized class song.

Instructor: Alison Notkin

Alison Notkin is a performer and composer whose work has been featured on many albums, including the Juno-winning album, “Bloom.” Her nature-inspired music program, Music by the Season has reached hundreds people of all ages throughout Montreal.

Join  musicologist and songwriter Alison Notkin in an exploration of how popular songs have been used historically and are still being used today to influence people and even change their minds about social, political and environmental  issues.  

Instructor: Solon McDade

Solon McDade’s distinctive melodies and powerful bass playing provides the foundation upon which numerous recordings have been built. His group, The McDades, won a 2007 Juno Award and two Canadian Folk Music Awards for their album “Bloom.”

What does jazz music teach us about ourselves and  the people around us?  Juno award-winning musician Solon McDade hosts this exploration of spirituality, innovation, improvisation, individuality and tradition through the music of jazz.

Multi-week or recurring sessions can be taught in person or can come to your classroom virtually. Available during school hours or as after-school programming tailored according to number, length and frequency of sessions.   

Art, music, robotics, dance and STEAM programs available. Contact us for details.

Below is a list of some of the multi-week classes we currently offer:

Participants will learn to put together their own robot using the unique technology created by  the team at Robot in a Can, while also learning about electricity, artificial intelligence and design fundamentals.

Programming is easier than you think! Learn the basics of coding in HTML and CSS in a fun and accessible way with the Robot In A Can team.

Share Beverly’s passion for art and art history by making beautiful art together while learning about famous artists and art from different time periods and countries. 

Students will learn essential beading techniques to make flat even count peyote, and flat peyote triangles and warped squares, using Hama beads. They will also learn how to attach pieces together to create cool, 3D geometric shapes. 

Learn popular and folk songs, and even create some new songs as a group, with your instructor, singer-songwriter, Alison Notkin

Get cozy and read together, share your favourite books and discover new authors with your instructor, writer and teacher, Camille Horrocks-Denis. 

The Director of Préville’s Dance Academy, Jamie Malysh is energetic, and passionate about movement. Students will be inspired by Jamie’s positivity and love of dance in all its forms, from hip hop, contemporary and jazz, to modern and dance-inspired fitness.