Préville Online! Spotlight on Activities for Teens, Adults and Seniors

Préville Online! is for all ages and all levels of activity – because adults want activities too!

Préville Online! wants to keep the whole family, from kids to grandparents, stimulated and engaged this Winter!

For this post we’d like to draw your attention specifically to  classes for teens, adults and seniors. Meet new people, or take a class with a family member. Online classes are a great way to keep in touch with relatives and friends in a safe and secure way.

A-Z of Teen, Adult and Senior Winter Activities at Préville Online!

Acrylic Painting (16 yrs +)
Beverly Landry is passionate about sharing her love of art and art history with everyone. She designs her classes and projects so that each person–from beginner to advanced–will feel like they are achieving their goals in a fun and social class setting. Class details.

Chess with Chess’n Math (16 yrs +)
Préville Online! is thrilled to partner with Chess’n Math to bring the art of chess to all ages! Teens and adults can choose from beginner-level and intermediate/advanced-level classes. Class details.

Introduction to Technology for Seniors (65 years +)
For seniors who want to acquire greater skill and comfort with basic communication technology, such as video conferencing, emailing, downloading and using apps and finding their way around a search engine. All participants will receive a pre-programmed tablet on loan, to use for the duration of the class. Class details.

Languages; English, French and Spanish Conversation
Practise your conversation skills with others in a low-key, small-group class with friendly and  knowledgeable instructors! Or, why not learn Spanish together as a family to prepare for your next trip abroad! 

Living Out Loud — Group Activities for Young Adults with Special Needs (18 yrs +) This class is specially designed for young adults with special needs (intellectual disabilities, autism and chronic health). Activities in this small group class will include drumming, yoga, choir and dance–all adapted for you to enjoy at home. Class details.

Sewing & Fashion Design (16 yrs+)
This class for intermediate and advanced adults is designed to help you tackle something new and daunting, finish up a stalled project or just re-acquaint yourself with that sewing machine that’s been calling out from the cupboard! Class details.

Movement and Exercise Classes

All of our exercise classes are low-impact, promoting both strength and flexibility. Classes are suitable for people of all ages and levels. Like all Préville Online! classes, participation is limited to a small number of people and classes are taught live, so that you can get the most from what our teachers have to offer!

$5 Hatha Yoga for Adults (16 years +)
In this class, postures are practiced to align, strength and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Class details.

Barre Sculpt for Adults (16 years+)
Barre Sculpt is a ballet-inspired workout for non-dancers that uses techniques from classical ballet. Barre Sculpt will tone, strengthen and lengthen your muscles without adding bulk, and since it is a low-impact form of exercise, it will be gentle on your joints. Class details.

Essentrics for Adults (16 years +)
This dynamic workout will activate all your muscles, free your joints, and increase mobility. This class is dynamic and easy to follow. This full-body technique works through your muscle chains, liberating and empowering your muscles, relieving them from tension and making you feel more energetic. Class details.

Music Classes

Voice, Piano and Guitare/Ukulele Explorations (all ages)
These Music Exploration classes are designed for participants of all ages and levels, including absolute beginners. Why not learn to play the ukulele this winter with your son or daughter–or with your grandparent–and make it a family affair! Classes details.

Mixart Studios: Music Production & Studio Software (Teens and 18+)
Learn to use the latest web-based studio software with a master recording engineer! In this class, Boris Petrowski will lead you through the process of creating and recording multi-track music. All participants will be loaned an Akai Mini Play Standalone Mini Keyboard and USB Midi Controller for the duration of the class. Class details.

Préville’s Musical Meet Up! (all ages)
Play music together online! Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Solon McDade is a hugely accomplished musician and a lovable guy who wants to share his love of music with you. Come and jam with others in his casual kitchen-party-feel activity! Class details.

All of our classes are taught LIVE and class sizes are small, so teachers can work directly with you, to help you reach your personal goals. Our unique online learning space is easy-to-access and easy-to-use. For all Winter 2021 activities, including those for kids who are 3-13 years old, visit Préville Online!

Come and join us! It’s not just a class; it’s a community!