Music in the Spring Session: Just play!

Préville Online! Spotlight on music:  This Spring come together and play! 

Something struck a chord recently when I was reading about a 26-year old UK-based musician in The New Yorker, named Jacob Collier. He says, [Growing up]… “I was very much encouraged to play, far more than I was encouraged to practise.”

Hmmm. Well, with several Grammy wins and many more nominations, whatever Jacob did paid off. He’s largely self taught, but he sang as a kid and took a handful of jazz piano lessons at London’s Royal Academy of Music, where his mom is a violin teacher and conductor.

Prodigiousness aside; the big takeaway is the idea of play. Play play play! Most people will not turn into Jacob Colliers, but in an ideal world, we think as many people as possible should have the opportunity to experience the fun in playing an instrument.

Our Spring Session online music classes keep the idea of play very much in mind. Piano and Ukulele Explorations are a great way to try out an instrument and begin to understand how music works. Many students continue on with private lessons after Explorations if they want to take a deeper dive–our Explorations teachers also offer private lessons–but you’d be surprised by how much you’ll be able to play after seven weeks. It’s enough to get you started, and in good company!

Making Music Together: Jam, Sing and Play with Family, Friends and Classmates

Voice Explorations: Songs and Harmonies invites individuals and families to come together each week to learn songs and explore vocal harmony. All of our Exploration classes are well suited to family participation. Preville’s Musical Meetup, for any instrumentalist, can be your weekly jam, and fiddlers can play with others during the NEW! all ages Fiddle Group, both hosted by Juno award-winner, Solon McDade, who knows well the joy of playing music with family.

Alison Notkin (Little Artists, Ukulele Explorations) and Solon are both teachers at Préville. At their house everyone plays music! It’s their way of connecting with one another. We hope their story might inspire other families to connect through music, enjoying a pastime that can develop into a lifelong activity.

Alison and Solon’s musical family!

Once you’ve had a chance to learn how to create sounds that you like, Boris Petrowski is ready to welcome you into Mixart Studios: Music Production and Studio Software. He’ll teach you how to create, mix and record music using free web-based software. Boris is not only widely regarded as an engineer, but also as an arranger and composer, and loves to share his expertise with students, helping them to bring their ideas fully to life.

Kids are the experts at playing! Little Artists takes kids 5-7 years old from singing and playing music to creating fun mixed media art projects over the course of one hour, encouraging their boundless imagination and curiosity.

From young to old, beginner to advanced musicians, the teachers at Préville Online! welcome the opportunity to play with you this Spring!

Registration is on now! The Spring session will begin March 8 and run until April 24.

We’re looking forward to making music with you!