Welcome To Ré : zo

Welcome to the new blog for Préville Fine Arts Centre, created to celebrate and document our online summer camp and online, arts-based education.

Ré: The rising tone, a leap of faith.

Do: Home, solid and stable.

Ré : zo plays on the musical pun: Ré, Do. The falling major second: the possibility of Ré, a puff of wind that billows the sails. Then, the return to the comfort and reliability of Do.

Ré : zo pays tribute to our network of people and connections that are new, renewed, or time-tested and now playing a whole new groove.

Préville’s pivot earlier this Spring to move its summer camp online, as a response to concerns about the pandemic, was a leap of faith made possible by a network of creative people, strong leadership and the comfort of Préville’s 45-year history whispering in our ear that now was the time to turn lemons into online arts-based education like we had never seen before, and oh yes, better do it quick!

COVID-19 has hit the performing arts hard. Most arts organizations and individuals have responded with remarkable generosity, programming into our living rooms, moving us like never before. That we would ever need to make a case for the relevancy of arts and arts education, after this period, seems ludicrous.

Over the course of six weeks, we met virtually, and along with our partners at Robot in a Can, developed a virtual summer camp complete with common rooms, classrooms, a warm and welcoming camp manager and the most amazing group of teachers and monitors. Everyone has contributed their unique talents, creative minds and flexibility to this adventure, and as we head into week three, we’re happy to be sharing our best practices with you.

Thank you for reading our blog! It will be updated regularly by me, Maria Gacesa, and our Préville Summer 2020 staff writers, Julien Demers and Frédérique LeBel.

Préville Summer Camp Staff, meeting in our virtual Main Hall.