Online Private and Group Tutoring

Introducing Préville’s Newest Program for Students from Elementary to Cégep Level.

Book online for weekday, weeknight and weekend sessions in English, French, Math, Science and more!

Outstanding Tutors

Préville’s tutors are compassionate, accomplished individuals who are willing to work hard to tailor sessions according to each student’s goals. They are well-rounded students themselves, and many have specialized knowledge in specific areas. So, from early math to calculus, basic literacy to writing term papers, to Spanish, science, social science, biology, chemistry, ethics and more! If there is a subject you don’t see listed, just let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Meet our tutors by reading their bios! We can also help you choose a tutor if you aren’t sure who might best fit your student’s schedule and needs. 

Meet the Tutors!

How does the Tutoring Program Work?

Parents can book private, 60-minute tutoring sessions online from our registration system. Book one session only—if you’d like to brush up before a test—or many sessions, if you’re looking for regular and more comprehensive learning. It’s flexible and totally up to you. A 60-minute tutoring session may also be split into two 30-minute sessions spread out over the week, which can be scheduled with the tutor at mutually convenient times.

Create your own group and study with friends! If you have a group of 3-4 friends, you can sign up for group tutoring. All students are invited to stay after class in our online lobby, library or games room! For homeschoolers and remote learners, breaking up a day of learning at home with a tutoring session can give students and parents support and a change of pace.  

Learn more about the Tutoring Program or to book a tutor or group tutoring, please contact us.

Tutoring from Another Angle: Get Creative to Practise Languages!

Many parents know that you can sneak unpopular foods into favourite treats. There are books devoted to how to  slip cauliflower into muffins and bake black beans into brownies! Finding creative and fun ways to practise your second language can be challenging. One way you can sneak in an opportunity is by taking an extra-curricular class in your second language.

Private Music Lessons in a Second Language
All of our private music teachers are bilingual, and two of our piano teachers also speak Spanish! Signing up to learn an instrument in your second language will allow you or your student to practise speaking and hearing the language weekly, in a new and engaging setting.

Learn French or English Through Play!
Children ages 3-7 also have the option to take our Petits Artistes/Little Artists class in their second language. Sign up for the English-only or French-only group, and once a week, spend 30 minutes singing and learning music with Alison, and 30 minutes doing art projects with Stephany! The instructors are bilingual, warm and accommodating and will make sure that every participant understands what’s going on.

As Mary Poppins would say, practising languages this way is like the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down!

RCM Music Theory Exam Preparation

Music is our specialty at Préville, so it’s not surprising that we would have teachers available to help you prepare for your music theory exams. What is surprising is that you can do so with a Juno-award winner! Solon McDade, multi-instrumentalist, performer and composer, is on hand to help you with theory from your preliminary exams all the way through history, harmony and beyond!

Contact us if you’d like to set up RCM Music Theory tutoring sessions with Solon!

All of our tutoring options, from private and group sessions, to private music lessons and Petits Artistes/Little Artists classes take place on our online platform, so you can join us from anywhere! Please contact us to learn more!