Acting & Theatre program

From playing theatre games to developing a character, performing arts training builds self-confidence and poise. Our instructors are dedicated to teaching techniques from the trade to bring out every participant’s potential.


20 weeks starting September 16, 2023 (Fall & Winter)

This class works the foundational skills essential to the working actor: the ability to stand at ease in front of people, look them eye and say what you have to say — simply and clearly to achieve your objective. That’s all acting is. And it also happens to be a big part of life. It’s the cross-over between acting and life where this class plays. 

Students will have plenty of opportunity to learn the craft of on-camera acting, but they’ll also learns skills they can bring with them into their lives at school, at their jobs and with their friends.  This class encourages all experience levels to work together and learn from each other, using acting techniques to build confidence, improve communication skills and become better at being themselves in front of people. 

This is a unique opportunity to learn the craft of live and on-camera performance with professional actor, Anthony Lemke.

Participants are welcome to perform in either French or English.  Anthony is a working actor on French and English productions.

AGE GROUP: 12 years + (high school students)
DAY & TIME: Saturday 10am-12pm
PLACE: Collège NDL
TEACHER: Anthony Lemke
PRICE: $600 

An introduction to theatre for kids to explore voice, movement, and emotions through specialized theatre games and structured exercises that encourage self-expression, self-confidence, and working together as an ensemble. Students will collaborate to perform a short performance piece at the end of the session. This class runs for 30 weeks.

AGE GROUP: 7 years+
DAY & TIME: Saturdays 10am-11am
PLACE: Collège NDL
TEACHER: Tracey Schenck
PRICE: $450

This 11-week theatre class is for students who wish to develop and focus on techniques in acting, music, improvisation, character development, and stage presence while exploring voice, movement, and expression.  

Students will prepare a short in-class performance in December at the end of the session. 

In November, students who wish will be able to audition for the Winter-Spring Theatre Performance programme.

In the second session beginning in January, classes will be dedicated to the preparation of our performance in June.  Students will be asked to memorize lines, work on character development, stage techniques, and work as part of an ensemble to create a show.

Students who do not wish to participate in our show are absolutely welcome to continue with theatre in our Introduction to Theatre class in January.

AGE GROUP: 8 years+
DAY & TIME: Saturdays 11am-1pm*
PLACE: Collège NDL
TEACHER: Tracey Schenck
PRICE: $330
*New 2 hour class

Take a sneak peak of what goes on in our Acting for Film and Television class!

Most Préville group classes run for 30 weeks beginning September 16, 2023 and ending June 8, 2024 (unless otherwise noted). 

  • Most group classes work out to $15 per hour.
  • Most fees listed are for the full session and can be paid in up to three instalments:
    • at registration,
    • December 9, 2023 and
    • March 16, 2024.
  • Please note that fees will be prorated if the session has already started. So, join anytime!