Robotics and programming: Robot in a can!

The team of computer scientists behind Robot in a Can specialize in teaching kids how to code, making it fun and easy for your children to learn Javascript. 

With the Robot in a Can curriculum, programming feels like playing Minecraft or Fortnite! Your children will love building their own games and robots while they learn critical skills that help them succeed academically, no matter what career they choose!

Spring classes run on Saturdays from April 23 – June 11, 2022.
PLEASE NOTE: There will be no class on May 21.

Robotics and Programming Classes: 7-week Spring session

There will be an extra fee between $30-$75 (depending on which class) for the purchase of a supply kit. This extra fee will be applied after your initial registration.

This course introduces kids aged 6-9 to the world of desktop computers, programming, and robotics. Children will be introduced to a series of hands-on programming puzzles, graphical challenges that encourage exploration and logic skills, and basic computer literacy through robotics. The lessons are small enough for kids to grasp new concepts while being challenged with increasingly difficult tasks in a fun and non-threatening environment.

AGE GROUP: 6-9 years old
DAY & TIME: Saturdays 9am-10am OR 10am-11am
PLACE: Collège NDL
TEACHERS: Marc Scattolin
PRICE: $140

For kids aged 8-12, this combined level 1 & 2 class introduces and/or builds on basic robotic concepts. Students create and explore with our amazing Robot in a Can, learning programming basics along the way. This course is also a STEAM introduction, teaching students creative approaches to problem solving and robotics. Students will learn the basics of drawing with code, making cool interactive objects that move and make sound. No pre-requisite required.

AGE GROUP: 8-12 years old
DAY & TIME: Saturdays 11am-12pm
PLACE: Collège NDL
TEACHERS:Marc Scattolin
PRICE: $140

Prerequisite: prior programming or robotics experience.

For students aged 9-13, this course introduces students to more advanced programming, neural networks and robotics. Using our open source Snap! platform as their robotics tool, students construct creative projects, combining code, STEAM initiatives and robotics.

Please contact us for more information.

Students aged 12-17 will explore robotics and STEAM concepts in a more advanced way. STEAM topics will include 3D printing and laser cutting, embedded systems, electronic projects, and the use of computer vision with the OpenCV.js.

Students will be encouraged to design their own STEAM products and take them through to completion – combining STEAM with their robotics skills.

This course can be taken without prior levels being a prerequisite for entry into level three.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is the perfect supplement for students who are on a school robotics team.

Please contact us for more information.

This class is offered via our Préville Online! program. An ideal option for those who can’t make our in-person classes on Saturday! Class description.

AGE GROUP: 8-13 years
DAY & TIME: Thursdays 5pm-6pm
PLACE: Online via Préville Online!
TEACHER: Robot in a Can
PRICE: $126

Robotics and STEAM Classes