Préville Online!
Winter session begins January 15, 2022

Préville’s online classes are taught live and feature small class sizes and expert instructors. Whether you’re looking for extra-curricular fun, looking to connect with friends in other cities, or you simply prefer to take your classes online, we’re sure you’ll find something you like! Class times are Canadian Eastern Timezone (ET).
All classes are bilingual unless otherwise stated.

Winter classes run from January 15 – April 1, 2022.
PLEASE NOTE: There will be no classes February 28 – March 5.

Online Music Classes

Alison will get you strumming in no time! Learn ukulele basics, including how to accompany yourself singing, in this fun class for all ages. 

Note: Students will require their own instrument for this class.

AGE GROUP: All ages. *Children 10 and under will require an adult to participate.
DAY & TIME: Tuesdays 7pm-8pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! platform.
TEACHER: Alison Notkin
PRICE: $150

online Visual Art Classes

The goal of this class is to learn about art and design through guided activities that will excite young imaginations and encourage creative thinking. Little artists will learn about line, shape, colour, texture, pattern, value and space by creating paintings, drawings, sculptures, DIY crafts, and mixed media creations. Themes to be explored include arts and crafts, storytelling, nature, fall explorations and colour.  

AGE GROUP: 5-7 years old
DAY & TIME: Saturdays 10am-10:45am
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Stephany Hernandez
PRICE: $120

This course will focus on learning the Elements of Art through fun and diverse projects. We will explore colour, line, shape, texture and form through two and three-dimensional art projects. Using paint, collage and sculpting materials, students will learn how to use the elements of art to express their creativity.

AGE GROUP: 7-11 years old
DAY & TIME: Saturdays 9:30am-10:30am
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Sarah Fefer
PRICE: $120

Are you interested in improving your painting skills? Do you feel stuck with your current ability to realize your artistic vision? We invite you to join us for an interactive, online painting class. We will build on your current skill base in a fun, social environment. 

Half of success is in the planning! We will review how to properly prepare the painting surface, and we will explore color mixing and how the use of value, hue and chrominance affects your results. We will study specific techniques such as glazing and scumbling to help build your paint. In our desire for self-expression we’ll look to the past and its great artists for inspiration. Each student will have the opportunity to work on a personal project with the guidance and support of the instructor. Together we will create beautiful works of art while learning the great art of painting. 

GROUP: 16 years +
DAY & TIME: Mondays 6pm-8pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Beverly Landry
PRICE: $200


In this class you will learn flat and 3D beadweaving techniques – essential elements for making different shapes.

You will also learn flat even count peyote and how to make flat peyote triangles and warped squares, using Hama beads. You’ll then be able to attach your pieces together to create 3D geometric shapes. 

Beadweaving is music, physics, painting, geometry, art, and beauty all in one, plus so much more. Anyone can learn how to do it. – Craig Commanda

Note: This class will be taught in English only.

AGE GROUP: All ages–kids under 10 require adult accompaniment.
DAY & TIME: Saturdays 11am-12pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Craig Commanda
PRICE: $120

online COding classes with Robot in a Can

Programming is easier than you think! Learn the basics of coding in HTML and CSS in a fun and accessible way with the Robot In A Can team.

AGE GROUP: 8 – 13 years old
DAY & TIME: Thursdays 5pm-6pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHERS: Robot in a Can
PRICE: $180

online Special Needs Classes

Living Out Loud is a small group class (10 max.) for young adults with special needs (intellectual disabilities, autism & chronic health). Together, participants will learn new skills based around movement and creativity in various activities involving music, singing and fitness. Activities such as drumming, yoga, choir and dance, will encourage active lifestyles and easily facilitated into the home environment. Participants will develop skills around being in a group, such as turn taking, sharing and listening to others. Various ways to communicate will be encouraged, including using visuals, instruments, the voice, body movements and sound. The class will be led by renowned special needs advocate and teacher, Karen Natho of ParaWell Play.

AGE GROUP: 18 years +
DAY & TIME: Tuesdays 7pm-8pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Karen Natho
PRICE: $150

Please see class description and details on our Dance Academy page.

online Chess Classes

Welcome to the amazing world of chess! Chess is a beautiful game but also an exciting battle of wits! This game exercises both sides of the brain, improving critical thinking, elevating creativity and deepening focus. Chess also brings people together and creates a calming effect while building confidence, one move at a time. This is a beginner course to introduce students to the strategic game of chess under the guidance of our experienced, specialized instructors. Our small groups allow for personalized instruction, so that our students learn while having fun! 

“Every chess master was once a beginner!” – Irving Chernev

AGE GROUP: 7-11 years old
DAY & TIMEÈ Saturdays 10am-11am
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Julien Demers
PRICE: $120


online Language & Cultural Classes

“The Kanien’kéha language is a very descriptive one, which produces a cascade of mental images that are very beautiful and powerful.”

Did you know that many common place names also stem from Kanien’kéha terms, including Canada, which originates from the word kaná:ta (town)? Similarly, Ontario comes from Kaniatarí:io (beautiful lake) and Toronto from Aterónto (standing trees in water).

In this class, students of all ages will learn the basics of Kanyen’kéha, the ancestral language of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) people. Students will learn to read and use the Mohawk alphabet in order to pronounce words correctly. Language study will be used as a vehicle to also learn about indigenous culture and history.

AGE GROUP: 10 years +
DAY & TIME: Wednesdays 7pm-8pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
PRICE: $150

Anishinàbemowin is the word used by the Anishinabe peoples to refer to their languages. It literally means “original people’s language.” Anishinaabe refers to the shared culture and related languages of the Algonquian First Nations of the Great Lakes area.

Anishinabemowin is spoken, alongside French and to some extent English, by the Algonquin First Nations of Quebec and Ontario. The Algonquin language clearly depicts what the speaker means. For example, just as the Inuit peoples have a thousand ways to talk about the snow, the Algonquin peoples have a thousand and one words to describe water.

Join Mariette Buckshot, Language and Cultural Coordinator for Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, as she introduces you to the beautiful world of the Algonquin language and its people. You will learn the alphabet, the sounds of the vowels and consonants, learn how to pronounce words and the meaning and history behind them.

AGE GROUP: 10 years +
DAY & TIME: Wednesdays 7pm-8pm
PLACE: On our Préville Online! Platform
TEACHER: Mariette Buckshot
PRICE: $150

Mariette helped us create language videos for Truth and Reconciliation Week