Art Classes

Initiation to Art

5 - 6 years old

This class is an opportunity for students to live their first aesthetic experiences, that is to say, their experience of the aura of art. To achieve this, a particular emphasis will be put on the development of the imaginary through several creations that will be anchored in themes that we will explore at the beginning of each course: endangered animals in Quebec, travel, abstract expressionism, bioart, the colors of autumn, the magic of winter ...

Through several 20 minute long activities, these moments of creation will be the opportunity for the children to cut, stick, color, staple, assemble, model, create... in order to develop their sensitivity to materials, shapes and structures. This course will also awaken them to certain cultural references accessible to their age.


DAY & TIME: Saturday 9am-10am
PLACE: Collège Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes


Art for Kids

7 - 11 years old

This course will focus on learning the Elements of Art through fun and diverse art-making projects. We will explore colour, line, shape, texture and form through two and three-dimensional art projects. Using pastels, paint, collage and sculpting materials, students will learn how to use the elements of art to express their creativity.

DAY & TIME: Saturday 10am-11am
PLACE: Collège Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes


Art for Teens and Adults:

12 yrs +

In this course students will learn basic concepts of perspective, composition, use of colour and shading as well as sculptural technique. Through the subject matter of figure drawing, landscape, fantasy and social justice, students will produce their own artistic expressions using varied materials such as pen, markers, paint collage and sculpting materials. This course is designed to encourage students to discover their sense of self-expression ranging from realistic interpretation to intuitive expression of subject matter. Students will explore various media such as drawing materials, pastel, paint and collage to create their own unique artworks.

DAY & TIME: Saturday 11am-12pm
PLACE: Collège Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes
TEACHER: Carole Blackburn

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