Initiation Program (5-6 yrs)

Music Initiation - Arts - Martial Arts - Dance - Science - Outdoor Games


Initiation Program (5 and 6 years)

This program is designed specifically for younger kids to accommodate their attention span and energy level.

Children participate in a set schedule of 6 different classes throughout the day, where they get a taste of the variety of classes that we offer in an environment appropriate to their age and abilities.

Children stay with the same group of counselors while participating in each class, and is a chance for them to be initiated into the regular Summer Days Program.


They start off with one hour of Art followed by one hour of Music Initiation, this includes piano lessons, as well as an introduction to musical and rhythmic concepts. The third hour is Lunch, which includes 30 minutes of Choir. They then enjoy a half hour of Martial Arts and a half hour of Dance. The day finishes off with a half hour of science and a half hour of outdoor games.

Extra monitors are placed with these groups to ensure the safety and comfort of our younger campers!

Campers in this group are required to be a minimum of 5 years of age as of October 1, 2018.


355$ per session (for 2 weeks)

For detailed rates, additional services and payment information, please visit our Summer Day Camp Rates page.

Parent Testimonial

My daughter loved the Préville Fine Arts summer camp!

She is really looking forward to going back this summer. Such a wide variety of activities, which is a great way of introducing young children to different forms of art. She especially loved drawing, and learning how to play the piano!!

A very well organized summer camp, and very enriching for the children.

- Sandra
(Mother of 5 year old Sophie)

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