Counsellor-In-Training (12-16 year olds)

For the older campers, the Préville Fine Arts Centre offers the possibility of being a Summer Days Counsellor-In-Training. This is a great and fun way to acquire skills and work experience that could lead to future employment opportunities. 

As part of this program, the counsellors in training select two activities from the list of  activities below to participate in, and then spend their remaining time during the day learning the ropes as an assistant camp monitor. This program is intended for responsible and autonomous kids in this age group.

The hours are from 9 am - 2 pm with the possibility of helping out with the daycare program as well.

The CIT session rate is less than the regular camp rate as CITs will be working with the staff and will be responsible for certain tasks. This program is not suitable for children requiring special attention or with special needs. These children, however, are welcome at our camp, so please contact us to see how we can best accommodate them.

Activities to Choose From Include:

Musical Expression (instruments provided):
Piano - Violin - Guitar - Drums

Physical Activities:
Acrobatic Jump Rope - Dance - Fencing - Martial Arts - Outdoor Games

Artistic Creativity:
3D sculpture - Drawing & painting - Cartoon & Caricature Art - Claymation (stop motion animation) - Fashion design - Theatre - photography/filmmaking

Mind Challenges:
Chess - Science - Spanish for beginners - English conversation - French conversation


225$ per session (2 weeks)

For detailed rates, additional services and payment information, please visit our Summer Day Camp Rates page.

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Parent Testimonial

My daughter loved the Préville Fine Arts summer camp!

She is really looking forward to going back this summer. Such a wide variety of activities, which is a great way of introducing young children to different forms of art. She especially loved drawing, and learning how to play the piano!!

A very well organized summer camp, and very enriching for the children.

- Sandra
(Mother of 5 year old Sophie)

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